Once my gut told me to stop and my brain told me to go. My heart said nothing, it was beating too fast to give impressions. A few moments later I was sliding on the asphalt. Close but no cigar. Cycling always gave me a rough ride. 

I Love Big Fat Juicy Peaches

Yesterday night was Saturday night.  Hey, in many books that's party night!  I went out with my 3 flat mates to have dinner before going to a bar in Guangzhou called Perry's Cafe.  That place smells of piss but the beer is  cheap and the atmosphere is just as I like it.  We played typical Chinese dice games and had heaps of fun.  

At some point a waiter came to us and asked if he could seat people on the 2 free spots our table still had.  I nodded.  10 minutes later two men in their thirties came and sat down.  Strangely, they nearly weren't saying a word to each other.  After a few minutes the one next to me asked me where I was from.  
Sometimes I wish I could just answer citizen of the World.  Seriously, I'm born in the USA, have both American and Belgian passports but have lived for the past 12 years in France.  Now I'm in China.  Where am I from?  You tell me.

"France" I said.  He was from Lebanon and his friend from Turkey.  

We started a new dice (drinking) game and included them in the game, then another, then the Turkish paid Tequila shots.  Things started to go fast, it turned into some serious drinking.  
At around midnight thirty the girls wanted to go.  I looked at Aaron, he looked back at me.  
"I feel like speaking with these guys" he said. 
"I'm in." 

I felt like I could learn from them.

We spoke and drank and spoke and drank some more.  The easiest way to spark a conversation with 4 men at a bar late at night is to speak about girls so I started off with that: Chinese girls.  It then went from how we each like China, to business ethics and how to deal with Chinese workers.  Afterwards we spoke about ISIS and as a Lebanese he had much to say on the matter.  At some point they said "Lets go to a club."  I'm not a club guy and nor is Aaron.  Surprisingly he looked at me and said "Lets give it a crack."  

These two guys were acting like hot shots and claimed they knew everyone around town.  Time to check if it was true.

We crashed "the Wave club" at the Party Peer.  I was expecting to see them high-five the bouncers and give hugs to the girls while drinks were offered to them.  No way!  I could see myself at 16 in them, as I walked into a club for the first time and didn't know what I was doing there. 

After 15 minutes Aaron and I decided to go.  On our hour and a half walk home (including a stop at KFC!) we debriefed.  
"I think we left at the good time" he said.
"Yup, I feel like those guys had nothing left, I soaked it all out of them."
He burst out laughing. "I love that you said that!  Man they walked in as big juicy peaches and we walked away leaving just pits, we fucking soaked them dry." 
"Yeah, I took everything they had to offer."

What took them 6 years to learn through various experiences was given to us in 1 hour.  

Now who said you can't meet interesting people in bars?   

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