Once my gut told me to stop and my brain told me to go. My heart said nothing, it was beating too fast to give impressions. A few moments later I was sliding on the asphalt. Close but no cigar. Cycling always gave me a rough ride. 

Day 1

Officially, I've got absolutely nothing to do today.  No uni, no paperwork, no nothing.  But I promised my self I'd get a lot done.  It's 11:46 a.m. and I've cleaned the bathroom.  That was step 1.  That was my duty, an engagement towards my flat mate.

Now I'm free.

I've been fiddling with this site-blog-portfolio-trashcan for the past month and a half.  It's been on the back burner for too long.  I feel like it's ready for an official launch.  Or maybe not.  But I have to start sometime.  It feels like being at an exam and not knowing any answers.  Blank page.  Screwed.  Surprising thing is, I know it won't be blank at the end.  I even know for sure I'll end up doing well.  Or not.  But for now nothing is coming.  The hardest is to start.  Shed the panic.  Once you've started, know when to stop on time. 

Not yet.

If you don't know James Altucher a link to his blog is here.  He praises having ideas.  Working the idea machine, like a muscle.  10 ideas a day.  Pick a subject, a theme, an idea, anything.  Have 10 ideas on it.  Business ideas or not.  Possible or impossible.  Feasible or ludicrous.  Just make your brain sweat. 

I've been wanting to start since I've been reading this guy.  But I'm always busy and have an excuse.  Not today: today I'm free.  10 article ideas for this brand spanking new site will be my goal.  And before gym at 6 pm.  Fixing deadlines. It's my motto.  Otherwise "I can do it tomorrow".  But how do you accomplish a daily task you've missed on an other day?  You don't.  Fail.  And you feel crappy at the end of the day when you know you've missed your goal and there is nothing you can do about it.  But for now it's 12:18 pm and I can still do everything.  Including nothing.     

My first gift