Once my gut told me to stop and my brain told me to go. My heart said nothing, it was beating too fast to give impressions. A few moments later I was sliding on the asphalt. Close but no cigar. Cycling always gave me a rough ride. 

In Singapore

In Singapore, there is a little sign when you cross the street saying "Please use the pedestrian crossings".

When you enter the metro, a voice recording tells you to push the emergency button if you see a suspect luggage or person.

In Singapore there is a little sign before escalators saying please stand on the left, because as many people stand as people who rush up.  There is yet an other sign saying hold on to the hand rail.  Half of the passengers don't obey to that one because, well... half of them are in a hurry!

You won't find a waste bin in the subway for the simple reason that you're not supposed to have anything to throw away: eating or drinking will grant you a fine of $500, and that's just a beginning. 

In Singapore, there are 4 official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Chinese, Indians and Indonesians as well as the other foreigners seem to live together in harmony.

If you go to an Indian restaurant you'll find Chinese dining there, and vice versa.

In Singapore, girls don't need to be hair dressers to dye their hair blonde, red, green or even blue.  They do it just because that's fashion, and because they feel socially free. 

They even have colorful tattoos and drink Guinness beer at the pub after work.  Girls also wear shorts no longer than my underwear, because feeling sexy feels good.

Men proudly hold their girlfriend by the hand where ever they go, and smile with content.

If you happen to venture to Sentosa island, Asian people are tanning on the beach, because in Singapore being tanned means having free time, not being a peasant working in the fields.

In Singapore, people will tell you "We don't have many freedoms, but we enjoy the ones we have", and that's a lot more than having all the freedoms of the world, but enjoying none.

In Singapore the McDonald's offers a burger on their menu called "Prosperity Burger".  It perfectly symbolizes the way of life here.  People live in prosperity, enjoying what life has to offer.

In Singapore, people are happy.

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