Stormed into China on Wednesday 09/09 of this year. Boy did it feel good. I'll be staying in Guangzhou for a whole year, from now till June. For studying mostly. My first impressions are quite a turmoil. First things first, as you step out of the plane -outside- the air has a specific smell to it. If you live in an industrial district of Detroit you'll be fine, just fine. If you're from a healthy zone on earth -you know, the few ones left- you'll be sniffing the air to find what's on fire. What's on fire ? Millions of cars burning fuel, ten million ACs blasting 100%, charcoal factories scorching black matter into the sky (have I mentioned you can't see the sky but instead a grey mix of mist and pollution?) and so on. The amount of heat produced by all this combined to the southern Chinese climate is simply phenomenal. By now you got me, this city is roaring. 

And with all this said, for some reason, I love it.

At 7 a.m. Doha time and about 2 hours from Guangzhou I was woken up by a -beautiful- Qatar Airways steward: "Would you like to join us for a brunch sir?" A battle between my rational brain and my passionate heart begun. My still asleep head cursed at her as my chest filled itself with delight. So my manhood answered "Yes of course." My flight neighbors felt the same as they were yanked out of dreamland. So as people who are on the same journey, we spoke. The lady on my right was like a blank book. So I turned to the man on my left. During our meal and all the way to my hotel, I was given the chance to receive my first course on conducting business in China, by an Algerian business man. As I explained my goals upon arriving, he gave me targets to focus on throughout the year as my eyes blinked ambition. He told me how China is organized, how businesses function as he handed me over his business card, the must have in China and most of Asia. "Everything is very organized here" he said as his associate-assistant-driver swiftly slipped between two cars, then doubled a truck using the right lane and went back to the left lane. "Besides driving" I through back at him. At this moment, I was told the most remarkable 3 words in a while: "Ici on avance", French for "Here we move forward". I looked back, stared at him deep into his eyes and said "That's what I love hearing."